How to Know if YOUR Website is KILLING Your Business

September 8, 2011 By Barry Densa

(An older post from a few years back — and still oh so true!)

Just because you build it, and they come… doesn’t mean they’ll stay.


So you’ve got Google adwords, banner ads, co-registration and joint venture deals, postcards, print ads, radio commercials, your mother-in-law and everyone else you can bribe, cajole and threaten, driving traffic to your website.


Yes! You’re an absolute genius at driving traffic to your website.  You’re getting a gazillion hits and unique page impressions—every minute!


Blogging Productivity Checklist: The Only Recipe For Achieving Success

A proper checklist puts your blogging career on steroids.

You can start experiencing a total breakthrough as a blogger by simply having a clear goal. It’s not enough to write fresh articles everyday and hope that readers enjoy it; blogging is much more than that.

It’s a separate business model that needs both arms to hold firm.

It’s much like running a publishing firm. You’ve got to take care of every area of publishing or else you may run into molds. Blogging checklist puts you ahead of your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing – 5 Efficient Ways To Get Started

Want to get started with search engine marketing?

Getting your online business across to target prospects is my concern and yours too. If you know how to promote your corporate blog/website from the get-go, your entire success story can be written with blue pen.

When it comes to web promotion, search engine remains the best system that is proven to work.

It may not be instant like other systems, but the rewards are usually long-term.

We want to make search engine marketing fruitful, how? Follow these 5 efficient ways.

1. Why People Search

Freelance Writer’s Formula: How To Double Your Income Using SEO

Are you enjoying your business?

Freelance writers and those aspiring to venture into this business, would enjoy this post. Freelance writing is one sleek business model, that I love. There are so much benefits of being a Freelance write and the odds are usually less.

Off course, it has its own downsides, but you don’t have to be scared about that – every business has problems.

Been a writer for 4 years now, is a great opportunity for me to learn several marketing concepts. I’ve always wanted to increase my earnings per month, but nothing happened until recently when I read an article from FreelanceSwitch

Social Media Marketing Incubator – What The Heck Is That?

I’m one of those that believes you can’t be one kind of a man and another kind of president.”
– Dr. Phil McGraw

In search of that magic social media bullet?

I’m going to reveal an entire new concept to you today, about social media marketing. The reason why a lot of people fail woefully with social media, is because they lack the core information.

If you ask me, you don’t need a Shipload of knowledge to excel in any field, what you need is the right button to press.

10 Fantastic Ways To Become A Web Traffic Expert, And Say Goodbye To Blogging Failure

Why a web traffic expert?

It’s because we believe experts, we buy their products and affiliate recommendations and whatever we see them do, we do too.

If your blog does not receive targeted traffic, it means you’re not going to make any success with it. But it doesn’t take much effort to become good in traffic generation. In fact, most of the things you need to do are already within you.

The real you isn’t the body you touch, or the person who carries you about. The real man is “INSIDE.” That person is invisible, full of power and can multiply your success, if you harness the power within.

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