Who Is This Guy?

Ride with me – you and I can swallow the ugly world around us and create a blissful future of hope, success and warmth. Can we do that?

My name is Michael Chibuzor.

I'm a Freelance Writer and my business is to help entrepreneurs, bloggers, small and mid-sized businessmen and women grow their businesses (blogs and websites).

The vision of this blog is to support your content marketing endeavors.

I simply write quality and helpful content to engage your audience, build responsive email list and boost your sales and income.

Every business person has a problem. I'm sure you've one too, because mine is right here with me. Our problem isn't the right idea or lack of it, but how to convince people to buy what we're selling. And the truth of the matter is:

"You don't have to be in BIG business to do BIG business!"

But how possible is that? That's where I come in. You no longer have to worry about reaching your target audience, I'll personally ensure that.

Do you know that I currently write web content for industry leaders? Yes, I'm talking about blogging superstars, super affiliate marketers, information marketers and social media examiners.

Here are my clients and websites I've long-term deals with, in no particular order:

  • – ZacJohnson.com
  • – JohnChow.com
  • – SocialMediaToday.com
  • – FreelanceSwitch.com
  • – Lifehack.org
  • – BloggingTips.com

Find out more on my writing portfolio page

And guess what? All these great people are satisfied with the results that my content bring. You can read testimonials at the top right sidebar of this blog.

If you hire me to write for you, here are the core benefits:

  • – Generate buyer leads
  • – Increase organic traffic
  • – Increase sales
  • – Build your email list
  • – Engage your audience
  • – Build a profitable blog
  • – Make more money

And so much more…

Click here to download my content marketing ebook, if I've not convinced you enough. The ebook is fully packed with in-depth studies to skyrocket your business. Download the ebook for free. No optin required.

Here's my guarantee:

You'll derive the benefits above and much more if I write web content for you. But if I didn't live up to your expectations, I would refund your money after 30 days, no questions asked.

Are you ready to experience exponential growths in your blog, websites and business? Contact me and let's talk.

Please Note: Well, this week, I've 3 more clients to go. You should get in now before I close my writing room, until the end of next month.

P.S. I can write quality articles and copy for your online business very creatively. I've been writing for the web since 2007 with over 700 of my articles featured on ezinearticles.com




A Brief About Me!

When I first came online, I didn't realize that leaving my 9 – 5 job to run an internet business was more difficult than becoming the US President.Lol!

In my first year (2007), my total online income was approx. $0.00 In my second year (2008), my total online income was approx. $15 (actually a virtual money)

In my third year (2009), my total online income was approx. $575. By this time, I've learned so much about web marketing and how to write articles for clients.

Today, the story is changed. I live the internet lifestyle, wake up whenever I want without any boss bossing my head.

Let Me Help You. Hire me to write your web content, guest blog, articles, sales copy, email letters and every other web content. My rates are affordable and I go the extra mile to optimize your web pages at no cost. Get in touch today. Contact me.

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