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Michael Chibuzor

How To Get Better Customers and Keep Them

Is it difficult to get customers?   get better customers

You and I know that the right people can make you more money; refer buyers to your products and services.

Join your revolution and motivate you. Customers can do all of that.

Fact: Experts tell us that getting customers is difficult, but is that true?

That’s what you read on several blogs. In 2012, I attended a conference where the speaker boldly stated that customer acquisition can be a nightmare.

But let’s look at it critically. Have you ever struggled to communicate with your loved ones?

73 Cool Ways To Write Content For Targeted Traffic

I love to talk about website traffic.   write targeted traffic

The harsh truth is that even if you’re not one of the so-called experts or professional bloggers, with the right traffic coming to your website, you’d definitely succeed.

That doesn’t mean you should fold your arms and expect traffic to bring money.

You still must take advantage of the traffic by monetizing and building relationships.

That aside, I want to show you the 73 cool ways to write content that can bring you targeted traffic.

Good Links Are Good So What About Social Signals?

Are social signals good for SEO?     social signals SEO

You already might know the value that any high ranking SEO commands, but to figure out the ways on how to improve the site ranking can prove to be a learning experience.

No doubt, good links are relevant enough but one cannot ignore the relevance of social signals.

Before talking about the relevance of social signals, it is worthy to spare some efforts on understanding that, what exactly does a social signal mean?

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Needs Free Traffic

Dear Content Marketer,   dear-writer1

I’ve watched you closely for the past few months. Ya, in your basement!

It seems as if you’re not hitting the nail at the right spot.

The traffic to your website is shrinking. You don’t even know what next step to take to make thousands of dollars (at least) online.

I also understand that when you get out there – a thousand blogs all have the same type of content; none truly sticks to your brain.

The noise about free traffic generation is going outside the envelope.

Are You Experiencing Internet Marketing Failure?

Why do people fail at internet marketing?   internet marketing

My suggestion is that you go to YouTube and watch old re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show.

If you already think you are a failure, don’t try to build an online business, or any other kind of business for that matter.

You will not succeed because you are a failure. So-long, Friend!

If your thinking is the slightest bit different from above, then continue reading. There is hope for you yet.

Failure is one of those dirty words that people should not think about. But is this necessarily true?

The [Worst] SEO Advice That Kills Your Rankings

Let’s talk about the  worst SEO advice.   worst SEO advice

You may have been deceived all these while?    

Because the web is a virtual place, anybody can come up with an advice and throw it open for others to follow. How sad?

But in reality, these so-called SEOs have never seen success or ranked any keyword.

You’ve to be careful whose opinions you follow when you’re running a website or niche blog.

I’m confident that you’ve never read this kind of post before.

In fact, the idea I’m going to share with you might be unethical or strange.

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Who’s This Guy?

My name is Michael Chibuzor - a Copywriter and Content Marketer. I can help you grow your website traffic and increase sales. I regularly blog for JohnChow, Lifehack, Under30CEO and FreelanceSwitch. If you want to drive real-time traffic and sales, check out my content marketing services today.

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