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Powerful Workflow Hacks to Keep Up with Your Content Plan

Developing a content strategy may have seemed so easy but it is truly challenging.

We all want our planning to be as smooth as a well-oiled machine, but we can’t just sit down all-day planning for that content since we have other businesses to deal with.

Content marketing has been proven to generate three times more leads than traditional marketing has, and it proves to be cheaper than traditional marketing itself. That’s why nowadays, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing to move their brand higher. You can use this content workflow.

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5 Great Hacks To Optimize Your Website For Viral Sharing

Fortunately, it isn’t just grumpy cats that go viral

Got a small brand that too few people have heard of? The best way to explode all over the Internet is by going viral — and we’re here to help.

SEO is a right way of climbing the rankings and getting into your customers’ minds. But it takes time, effort and money. Going viral is a much faster and affordable way of getting your site in front of thousands — maybe even millions — of people in a short space of time. And the best thing? You just need an optimized website that’s primed for some serious sharing-is-caring love.

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6 Effective Ways to Share Video Content as a Social Marketing Tactic

Social good is the primary aim of social marketing while the main aim of commercial marketing as the term commercial denotes is primarily the financial aspect.

Social marketing uses standard commercial marketing practices for non-commercial objectives. Thus, we can say that commercial marketers can still contribute to the achievement of social good.

There are different ways to achieve social goods using the commercial marketing, social content marketing is where social media/business meet and content marketing meet.

The term isn’t only about optimizing content or social sharing for channels. It is also about building a connection with a social business, newsroom techniques, collaboration and principles to content marketing.

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How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

There’s been a revolution going on in the professional sports world over the last several years, and it’s being driven by the desire for better data. For decades, pro athletes have been judged based on the same set of criteria familiar to anyone who collected sports cards — runs batted in, points per game, yards per carry, etc.

However, a growing number of sports teams have recognized that those numbers weren’t telling the whole story.

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How to Rescue Abandoned Shopping Carts With Content Marketing

You’ve done all of the heavy-lifting. Your backlinks from high-authority sites have helped you climb the search engine rankings. PPC campaigns have been optimized to generate motivated consumers, without busting your marketing budget. And, your products have been perfectly matched to the needs of the visitors hitting your site.

Unfortunately, online distractions happen. Just as your customer finishes filling up their cart with your amazing products, poof, they’re gone! What happened? Did their battery die? Did they find a better deal somewhere else? Were they simply dreaming with their mouse and keyboard?

Is Your Ecommerce Platform Leaving Money On The Table .png


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How to Combat Negative SEO

Negative SEO is not a phrase you hear every day in the marketing world. It's a bit like an illness people rarely get, but it's still beneficial to know the signs to look out for to diagnose the problem.

In this article, we'll discuss what negative SEO is, usual tactics for people performing negative SEO, and how you can combat it.

Negative SEO encompasses a set of malicious activities that aim to decrease a website’s Google rankings. In essence, it is the polar opposite of the good SEO practices that many website owners have learned to adopt. Negative SEO attacks are carried out either for fun, revenge, or to gain a competitive advantage.

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