10 Words (Phrases) That Kill Your Blog Unknowingly

Are you killing your blog without knowing?

Just like the creative sheriff in our city, I’ve caught the 10 words that sabotage your blog. Maybe this words are not obvious, but they affect you.

1. I can’t

Whenever you say you can’t, your mental focus is damped. You no longer have the zeal to begin and whatever it is you desire, it’s not going to come because, you taught you can’t

2. It’s Not Working

Have you ever tried something, maybe a new way to drive traffic and concluded it doesn’t work? Wow, that’s a blockage that creates a hinge. Stop right there and take that word back.

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10 Things I Learned About Free Traffic In 2 Months Of Blogging

Ready to learn?

Yes, I want to share with you the 10 things I learned since 2 months of setting up my this blog.

I hosted my wordpress blog on the 26th of July, so this happens to be the second month. Prior to this time, I’ve been online promoting various affiliate offers, building my list and earning at least $500 each month.

But I guess I had a passion to blog and today, I’ve no regrets whatsoever. Blogging is like climbing the staircase, you have got to relax and start again. Blogging have taught me several core things about driving free traffic. I’m here to share just 10.

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Help Google Fight The War Against Content Farms And Low Backlinks

Is Google at war? I doubt you say…

Google is out to reward you with priceless rewards if you can help them fight and destroy content farms and lazy backlinks. Time has come when you must position your internet marketing campaigns, trust in your instinct to direct your paths and do the right things.

If you mind is in making money, you’re already lost in this battle. If your mind is in ranking your web pages on Google #1, you’re also lost. Are you one of those blog owners who are desperate for 10,000s backlinks so your pagerank could improve overnight?

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Automatic Backlink Creator – Build Backlinks Faster With This Tool

I’m glad you finally made it to this post. I want to talk about an amazing link building system I discovered.

It’s called Automatic Backlink Creator.” But let me start by asking you these questions:

  • Do you want to build backlinks faster?
  • Do you want to raise your pagerank faster?
  • Do you want to attract targeted traffic without biting your finger?

I’m sure you’re nodding your head like a baby. Lol!

So how do you build backlinks without spending your precious time searching for quality and relevant links?

The common link building strategies you have been taught includes:

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Google Panda Updates: How To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking In 30 Days

Were you affected by the the recent Google panda updates, a few months ago?
I’m here to show you how to come up again, strong and kicking.

The Google Panda updates came like a shock to so many website and blog owners.

It’s like an epidemic that scoured the whole of the internet erasing every unfriendly web page, and rewarding sites that took time to develop a community of quality works. Although some valuable sites were affected, their pagerank and overall site performance dropped, it’s vital to look ahead and position yours blog and websites for future updates.

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The Ultimate 7 Steps To Guest Posting – Guest Blogger’s Key

Guest posting has helped me in several ways.

I’m glad I discovered how to use this to my advantage and today, I want to reveal some shocking truths about guest posting.

There are 7 secrets that yields results. By results, I mean targeted traffic, quality backlinks and increase in pagerank.

So, in summary, guest posting helps you to:

  • – Get fresh targeted traffic
  • – Get quality backlinks easily
  • – Improve your Google Pagerank
  • – Increase Your RSS Subscribers
  • – Build your email list
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