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3 Ways to Segment Email Subscribers to Boost Conversions

Email marketing has proven time and time again that it’s cheaper, more effective, and easier than other channels.

It blows social media out of the water and should be the primary goal of your paid campaigns. With email marketing, you’re supposed to be able to nurture leads and set them up for the sale.

You know this and I know this, the problem is that nurturing only works if you’re sending the right message at the right time.

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Rich Snippets SEO: How To Optimize Your Website

Google is about providing useful, accessible information to its users as quickly as possible. That’s why featured snippets (direct answers to queries featured at the top of a search page) have more than doubled in the past year. 

But marketers have looked to featured snippets with skepticism. After all, if a visitor can get the info they need without visiting your site, won’t this hurt traffic?

Nope. In fact, studies show that just the opposite occurs. When your site’s content is used in a featured snippet, users are more likely to visit your site for more information.

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The Most Crucial Part of the “Website Build” and How to Do it Right

Before building your website, you need to understand what goes into the header, above the fold, and even the footer. Professionals don't take chances. Let's see how a wireframe can be of help.

Step 1: Wireframe:

A wireframe is a screen blueprint of a website. A wireframe is used by web designers and developers in the initial stages of website construction.

The visual guide serves as a rough mock-up of the page layout, setting into place project scope as well as the future foundation in which a website will be built.

Wireframe example:

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How To Measure Your Content’s ROI To Get Better Results!

content marketing ROI

Image source: TopRankBlog

This guest contribution is from Thunder Contents.

Nowadays, content marketing is in its prime.

From major companies to startups, everyone around the globe is doing it. The reason is pretty simple:

It allows your potential customers to become attracted to your company through your publications. Just doing content marketing, however, is pointless, unless you can get quantifiable results.

This means that your results should be measurable. If your content doesn’t translate into palpable results, you might as well not publish it.

In this article, we will give you some ways to measure the return rate of your content.

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