7 Must-Outsource Tasks In Your Content Marketing Strategy (Templates Included)

outsource jobs


Image Source: Cozy Desk

Do you want to know how to outsource tasks to qualified professionals?

How much did you achieve yesterday?


Don’t think that outsourcing isn’t for you. Trust me, if you embrace it you’ll not only get more done, but you’ll reduce cost, and experience a dramatic improvement in your relationship with your customers/clients.

According to CreditDonkey, In the IT and business sector, 87% of the reasons why people outsource is to reduce cost. 30% say that it's been an effective strategy to reduce costs.

Link Building Outreach: 50 Content Marketing Blogs of 2015 To Earn Backlinks

50 content marketing blogs


Pop quiz: if you had to do link building outreach, which blogs will you target?

A lot of content marketers and site owners have trouble answering this question – but it doesn't have to be so.

It's not really your fault. After all, most of the blogs don't have the owner's contact information publicly displayed.

Reaching out to authoritative bloggers, and social media power users is a simple way to earn natural links to your web pages.

50 Instagram Facts As It Clocks 5 Years Old (Infographic)

50 instagram facts


Instagram took visual marketing to a whole new level.


It's a fun app that enables you to share your life, day-to-day activities through pictures.

Quite a lot of people use Instagram, but how much do you know this online photo-sharing and video sharing app?

Maybe you only knew that Instagram has over 300 million active and engaged users, what else do you know that can help you grow your own following, generate traffic to your blog and increase sales.


How To Leverage User Insight for Better Content Creation

user insight for content creation

How can user insight help you create better content?

A good content marketing strategy forms the jugular of every self-respecting digital marketer.

Providing content that helps, entertains and educates your current and potential customers improves their customer journey.


Traditionally, advertising did this job but lately traditional advertising is being considered interruptive.


Advertising is an old-school method of reaching potential customers. It doesn't yield as much result as it used to because it's hard to collect user insight.