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Worried About EMD Update? How To Drive Targeted Traffic From Google And Make More Money

Google panda was mild, penguin was crazy.     exact match domain traffic

EMD is still hot, so I’m still looking for the right word to describe it. Or shall I call it “unexpected” update?

The truth is, your webpage doesn’t have to be in Google top 10, before you can drive free organic traffic to your website.

I’ve found a SMART way to milk Google dry, but don’t blow up yet.

I’d explain what I meant by that and how you can start attracting a bunch of responsive readers to your blog, and make more money easily. This post is quite different from what I’ve written before, and it’s going to change the way you do business online.

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How To Create A Content Plan That Capture Reader’s Mind

This guest post is by Michelle.    content creation plan1

Marketing your company online is an ongoing process.

All businesses, entrepreneurs and even regular Internet users can market themselves using a variety of well-established practices.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can incorporate social media, link-building and other methods, but the most important thing is to have content that is all of the following:

  1. Consistent
  2. Original
  3. Interesting
  4. Up-to-date

Go The Extra Mile

Content has to be relevant, well-written and useful to the reader. Like all marketing efforts, it must be planned out to have any positive effect on search engine rankings or sales.

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100 Quick Ways To “Engage” Your Audience With Content Marketing

If you want to “engage” your target audience, making few tweaks can help.   content marketers

And does it really matter if you’re a great content marketer?

Yes, it does 100%.

You can’t shy away from the fact that thousands of people want a piece of the cake – companies, individuals and even animals (just kidd**ng) are starting their own blogs.

Content marketing has become the easiest way to dominate your niche in and out.

But how do you ensure that competitors don’t destroy your hard work?

I’ve 100 quick ways for you. Use few of them to become amazing.

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Headline Writing: 4 + 1 Smart Ways To Write Clickable Headlines

 “Get in or you’d lose out!”      Write clickable headlines

That was the headline I read in a trade magazine a week ago.

The day was Saturday and as usual, I was with my family in our big house.

Even though I don’t live with them again, I still make out time to catch up with some family gossip. Lol!

The headline above got me thinking – get in or you’d lose it.

You already know that the headline is the most important element in content marketing.

No matter the content type you’re assigned to, you need to get the headline right or lose out.

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Six Steps To Solve Readers’ Problems With Content Marketing

You’re a solution to your readers, right?   solve a problem

As a blogger, one of the fundamental truths is that you must solve a problem.  

It’s almost become a cliché, because we hear the same advice even from newbie & pro bloggers.

But no one seems to clarify the whole “solve a problem” phrase.

Oftentimes, it may seem as though you’re not solving a problem with your blog posts. Because you’re kind of confused.

This can be a nightmare and I’ve decided to address it today.

The question my subscribers ask me time and again is, “how can I solve my readers’ problem?”

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Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Writers, You’re The Best!

Do you find yourself struggling to write?    Writers comparison

I think I know the problem – but I don’t think it’s a BIG problem as such. In fact, you could get rid of it today.

Stop comparing yourself to other writers. It’s evil and would only drain you.

Yes, I know some writers who are cute, but that doesn’t necessitate comparison.

I discovered a few years ago that bloggers and content marketers are so worried about their writing.

They keep complaining that they’re not as good as someone else?

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