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3 Great Examples of Storytelling in Content Marketing That Works

examples of storytelling

Are you telling the right stories?

I'll show you great examples of storytelling that yielded great results. We have been told over and over that storytelling is a vital ingredient for the success of your content marketing recipe.

However, try explaining a marketing manager why your new campaign has ducks as mascots or why you want to hire Tricia Brock (director of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead & Orange Is the New Black) for a short YouTube Series and why you want to make a documentary when all you sell is shampoo, sanitary napkins, detergent, diapers etc. and all you will get is blank stares.

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14 Actionable Tips for Writing Persuasive Landing Page Copy

persuasive copywritingImage Source: taw

Is your landing page copy enticing?

Most organizations understand the essential elements of landing pages, but few are proficient at crafting high converting content that engages their visitors.

Your content is the story that you are telling which assists your visitors to understand the offer and making them to purchase your product or service.

The main objective of crafting your copy is to tell the story as effectively as possible to convince your visitors to take specific action which you want them to do.

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How Google RankBrain is Changing the Face of SEO


There was a time when AI was only seen as science fiction material, but advancements in technology have made it quite real.

It's quickly becoming an essential part of daily life and businesses are not lagging in adapting it to their marketing strategies. The last week of October marks the breakthrough news of Google's RankBrain, the exact point where AI and SEO meet.


What is RankBrain? 

It's a machine learning system that works alongside current algorithm factors to help to determine the best results for a particular search query.

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Why The Click-Through Is Dead


click through rate

For years the click through has been the barometer of success in the digital marketing world.  

It made some sense that in order for an advertisement to be successful I would want to click on it to take me to some website, presumably the website of the company that is advertising.

The click-through metric has been a staple of CPC and affiliate marketing, which pays the site providing the customer click-through a commission on each sale or conversion.  

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The Psychology of Attraction For Content Marketers [Infographic]

As a content marketer, you need to understand the psychology of attraction.

Because when you do, it would afford you the opportunity to use the right words and language while communicating with your ideal audience. The infographic below will give you a clearer picture on how you can position your blog to attract more visitors and customers.



Infographic by Iconic Displays

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Learn Vine Marketing: For Today’s Hyper-Quick World!

vine marketing strategy

Are you ready to learn vine marketing?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the development of media on planet earth, it’s that we want it quicker and shorter.

From feature-length movies during the dawn of cinema, to half hour TV shows in the age of home entertainment, to today’s five minute YouTube videos, now to six second Vine videos!

Vine videos are filling in the online need of those who want to be entertained right now, in the moment. You don’t have to think of it as throwaway entertainment, you can think of it as precise entertainment.

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