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5 Hot Reasons Why You Should Not Blog

This post will change your life.  blogging

Because there is a big difference between building a blog and building a business.

Ideally, read this post as though you’re just new to the blogosphere. You may have been deceived all these while.

Right now, you may also be doing something right but not realizing it.

Why should you blog? I’m sure you’ve a lot of reasons to give.

Such as reaching your target audience and selling more of your products. But guess what? Blogging in itself is not what you need to reach those who matter. You need something different.

How to Start Growing Your New Blog This Month!

You’ve set up a blog recently, haven’t you?     a new blog

Congratulations on joining a community that is 1.6 million people strong and growing every second … literally!

This month, you can make a significant progress with your new blog.

If your blog is less than 1 year old, then it’s a new one. But does it really matter when you started blogging?

At this stage, it is not uncommon to feel some amount of trepidation since your future as a writer is uncertain.

Even though you keep your fingers crossed for literary greatness, part of you dreads the oblivion that has enveloped so many fellow wordsmiths.

73 Cool Ways To Write Content For Targeted Traffic

I love to talk about website traffic.   write targeted traffic

The harsh truth is that even if you’re not one of the so-called experts or professional bloggers, with the right traffic coming to your website, you’d definitely succeed.

That doesn’t mean you should fold your arms and expect traffic to bring money.

You still must take advantage of the traffic by monetizing and building relationships.

That aside, I want to show you the 73 cool ways to write content that can bring you targeted traffic.

The [Worst] SEO Advice That Kills Your Rankings

Let’s talk about the  worst SEO advice.   worst SEO advice

You may have been deceived all these while?    

Because the web is a virtual place, anybody can come up with an advice and throw it open for others to follow. How sad?

But in reality, these so-called SEOs have never seen success or ranked any keyword.

You’ve to be careful whose opinions you follow when you’re running a website or niche blog.

I’m confident that you’ve never read this kind of post before.

In fact, the idea I’m going to share with you might be unethical or strange.

10 Answers To Your Content Marketing Questions

What’s your content marketing question?     content marketing questions

In the past few weeks, I’ve received 11 content marketing questions.

In this detailed post, I want to provide the answers that I deemed suitable for them.

Content marketing can actually grow your business.

It can improve your conversion rate and build you an active community. 

But you must know the correct answers that work.

I’m also certain that as you read the questions and answers below, you’ll better drive targeted traffic, gain loyal readers and increase your income. Let’s go…


Top 10 Blog Marketing Strategies That Work

Do you want to promote your blog and get quality traffic?   blog marketing strategies

Then stop chasing after the next traffic blueprint and stay focus.

All that you’ll ever need to succeed online as a blogger and content marketer is within you. I’ve come to realize that. Just believe it!

But you must make up your mind to give it all it takes.

It all boils down to positioning your blog so that the target audience can find it, share your content and tell others through word of mouth marketing.

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