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Everything Bloggers Do are Stupid, Except This “ONE” Thing

What has blogging done for you?    bloggers do

You may or may not know how stupid some of the things you do are. Ugh!

And this post has nothing to do with your personal resolutions for the year.

When I look back at my goals for 2012, I discovered that I’d have achieved so much if I focused on this “one” thing.

What about you? Everything else you do at content marketing might be a waste of time – even though you’ve it all figured-out.

Landing Page Multivariate Testing to Increase Conversion Rate

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your website.    landing page testing

They present a make-or-break deal for your website – if your visitors do not like what they see in your landing pages then they won’t just refuse to buy your products or services.

They are also likely to refuse seeing the rest of your website as well, much less come back for a return visit.

If your website’s landing page has a remarkably high conversion rate, it means that your marketing strategies are working.

The 5-Virgin Reasons Why Content Marketers Must Build An Email List

“The money is in the list!”    email list building

How many times have you heard that?

It doesn’t get better than for you to understand how the phrase can impart your content marketing goals.

The truth is, until you start building a list, you’re not actually in business.

Of course, your website might be generating thousands of targeted traffic monthly, but if the people are not on your list, they’re just like strangers.

Forget about repeat visits – it’s harder than you think.

It takes hard work and tweaking to encourage repeat visitors. Instead of taking that difficult route, start building your list today. Yes, today!

30 Awesome Email Marketing Services To Capture, Convince And Convert Visitors

Are you ready to explorer 30 Awesome email marketing services?  email marketing service

Email is the best channel to market your products and services.

If you’re not using collecting leads in your business; through a website or blog you should get started today.

The web is entirely powered by words. Long before social media marketing became popular, we’ve been communicating via emails.

And email communication is an integral part of inbound marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ve checked your email inbox and spam folder this week – it shows that we can’t do without it.

Email Marketing 101: How To Grow A Mailing List And Make More Money

“Email marketing is the best form of marketing in the entire world!”

Email is entirely powered by content, and if you’re still struggling to build a responsive list to engage with, this email marketing 101 has all the information needed to make you a success.

But I’m not making you a promise; there is work to be done.

And building a huge list of potential customers is oftentimes ‘slow.’

But don’t be scared by the gradual sailing, it’s worth your every ounce and I’m going to reveal some helpful strategies to double, or even triple your email list.

10 Step List Building Strategies For Internet Marketers

How best do you invest your time on the internet?
If you ask me, the best profitable venture to invest your precious time in, is in building your email list of targeted prospects.

Once you capture their email addresses, the next step is to build a solid relationship with them.

But how do you build a list in the first place? Take it from me, conventional list building can be very slow.

You need to start focusing on the most important list building systems that experts use.

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