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BOMBSHELL! Avoid Making Critical Mistakes In Content Marketing

Content marketing can bring targeted leads, increase sales and build massive awareness.

If done correctly, content marketing can really make a massive impact on how well your website brings in visitors and assists in both lead generation and sales.

The problem is though, some businesses go at their content strategy from the wrong angle and it can lead to some critical mistakes which can hamper chances of being successful online.

The biggest obstacle to get around is the fact you are not, I repeat, not trying to sell something to your visitors.

Panda Or Penguin Update: Are You Scared Of Search Updates?

Was it the Panda or Penguin which bit you?

Google has hit websites and blogs in two different ways and almost simultaneously.

Many site owners are still wondering whether they have been targeted.

Those who know that tragedy has befallen are wondering whether it’s Panda or Penguin which has bit them.

To understand the difference you must know what each of them mean.

Google Panda came first

Google Panda search update brought down the curtains for many websites and blogs since its launch a few months back.

Now, You Can Dominate Int’l Markets With These SEO Strategies

This guest post is by Christian Arno

SEO: the three magic letters no online marketer can ignore.

Trying to get your site into the first pages of major search engines is no easy feat.

But there’s no doubting its benefits.

One study by Optify, found that the top ranked site on Google gets a click-through rate of 36.4 per cent.

This drops to 12.5 per cent for the one in second position, falling further after that.

SEO Storytelling – 5 Web Traffic Stories Google Will Not Tell You

SEO storytelling: what’s that?seo storytelling 1

Once upon a time there were few search engines that regaled the world with all manner of contents (helpful and crappy).

A time came when standardization ruled and those who thought they’ve won the battle quit and went back to another 9 – 5 job.

In line with this, search revolution started and another search engine emerged; more powerful and simplified than all that have ever existed.

This search engine is like a “decent guy whose wife is a perpetual nagger.” This search engine is called “Google.”

10-Minute SEO Happy Hour – Get Free Traffic From Google

SEO is no magic pill!

Is there a thing you can do in 10 minutes to increase web traffic via search engines (organic traffic)?SEO happy hour

When a system sounds too-good-to-be-true, we begin to question it.

I’ve read a lot of marketing B.S. on SEO and I don’t want to see such information again. In this post, I just want to show you some few things you could do in 10 minutes or less.

These simple things would send avalanche of targeted traffic to your blog/website.

Off course, if you want more traffic to come your way from Google, you’ve to consistently do the right things.

Ecommerce SEO Secret: The Best Way To Do It!

This guest post is by Mary From Tradestable  ecommerce-by-Website

As some of the largest websites in the world, ecommerce sites have a particularly difficult task in developing and maintaining an SEO strategy.

The first place to focus is on the product description pages themselves.

Focus On Product Description

These pages feature a wealth of information applicable to shoppers – pictures, prices, specs, and reviews, but the site needs to figure out how to get them there in the first place.

In important thing to look out for is the use of duplicated content on your product page.