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How My Coupon Blog Ranked On Google Top 10 With Rich Contents

I’ve a coupon blog. This post is a case study of  how I rank my web pages and how you too can! SEO-search-engine-optimization

Have you tried every marketing technique and still can’t make enough money to pay your bills? This post is going to help you out.

I run a coupon blog and promoting this blog have taught me a lot of things about running a successful business online.

With the growing number of coupon blogs, only few people are going to make substantial income to support their families.

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online picture sharing

How Online Picture Sharing Can Increase Social Media Influence

Online picture sharing is fun– but more than that, you can actually connect with potential prospects, promote products

online picture sharing

Mark: facebook sharing

and generate responsive leads.

But online picture sharing is not alone, it’s has a great nexus with social media.

I just read an article at Mashable stating that Facebook is Now 901 Million users. That’s a staggering number, but I’m not surprise – not one bit.

The right business platforms have no option than to grow. Facebook has been strategically positioned to help offline and online businesses move to the next level.

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6 Google Plus Optimization Strategies For Content Marketers

Are you a content marketer? Learn how to use Google plus efficiently.

With over 90 million users, Google is definitely moving on to Google Plusdominate the whole internet world with Google Plus.

Think you have enough social media accounts? Think again.

You can never have too many accounts especially if this one would help you generate more searches and leads towards your business or website.

So hop on the Google Plus train before your business gets left out! Here are 6 quick tweaks to help you optimize your Business’ Google Plus Page.

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Pinterest Vs Twitter

Pinterest and Twitter: 16 Marketing Strategies To Drive Targeted Traffic

Do you need more qualified traffic? 

Pinterest and Twitter are two powerful social media systems you can use to make your marketing dreams come true.

It’s unheard of that a social media network surpassed 10 million users in its first week. Even Facebook didn’t get to this number in its first month.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, while Twitter is a microblogging platform – both were created for leverage.

Pinterest broke the record, and when you combine both powerful systems in a very creative way, your blog will definitely attract fresh readers, potential customers and sponsors.

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Do You Track Your Social Media Activities?

Social media is a force in today’s business world.  social media tracking

It can drive a movement, change a national dialogue, or alter the direction of organizational policy.

If you want to be successful in nearly any undertaking today, you need to be listening…or you run the risk of being blindsided.

You need to be monitoring the conversation.

Define an Objective

It’s not good enough to do it just because everyone else is.

You need to clarify what you want to accomplish with the information you can access through monitoring social media.  Having a goal in mind will make your efforts more effective in the end.

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Are You A Social Media Time Waster…Stop Right There?

Stop wasting time with social media marketing. Start thinking like a pro.why-should-you-use-social-media

Whoever told you that social media marketing is powerful has done so well, but he failed in showing you how it works.

I’ve been a time-waster on Facebook for over 12 months. I thought I knew how FB marketing works but I was deceiving myself.

If you’re one of those bloggers who created a Facebook page, and hoping to attract 10,000 likes without any effort, I’m here to slap you real good.

You may not realize the plague you’re causing your blog if you continue wasting time on Twitter and Facebook.

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