Top 10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to a “SINGLE” Content

If you want more traffic and pageviews, read on…  drive more traffic

Did you ever feel discouraged that your latest post didn’t receive thousands of reads from real people?

Please consider this formula:

Quality traffic + valuable product = online success.

From the formula above, you need to understand that no other factor is as important as driving targeted traffic to your content & website.

Most of the time, the ultimate problem that website owners face isn’t lack of quality content, but their inability to reach the right audience at the appropriate time.

If you’re struggling to grow your website or blog, this post is for you. Please read it, think about the 10 ways listed and pick the ones that interest you the most.

I want to show you how to use a single post to get massive traffic. In the mean time, let’s not forget that traffic without a valuable product is a waste.

Every content marketer must own or promote one type of product or the other. Let’s quickly run through the top 10 ways to increase your traffic easily, to/with a single content. Shall we?


1.      First: write epic content

What is epic content?

It’s important to know how to write it, because that’s the first thing which you must do if you want to drive more traffic.

No amount of promotion in the world is going to help you, if you content is mediocre or the same thing as what every blogger has. Start by identifying the problems your ideal customers and readers are facing.

Do you think that they need urgent solutions? Or is the problem manageable?

If they can manage their problems, you can manage your business as well by staying away from such a problem.

Instead, look for a pressing need, research extensively and write content that can inspire your ideal prospect to take action.

The first way to get more visitors to your content and engage them is through epic content. I’ve written about it in the past, but it’s worth reiterating here. Keep reading…


2.      Build a foundation

Let’s assume that you’ve written a good article and wants thousands of people to read it, you’ll now go ahead and map out your clear steps. That’s the foundation of every successful blog.

The action you’re going to take to reach your first 100 views and how you can up those views to 500 and 1000 in 30 days or less.

The foundation is where you specify exactly what you’re going to do to push the single content forward. Remember, the purpose of this post is to help you propagate just “ONE” of your content and get the right eyeballs to actually read it.

The title of the post you intend to promote must be attractive. If after writing the epic content, you discovered that the title isn’t catchy, powerful or enticing, go back and rewrite it before getting promoting it offsite.

According to TED Nicholas, 73% of buying decision is made at the point of the headline.

In other words, the title of content is what determines whether or not you’d get clicks, conversion or engagement. Write 3 – 5 separate titles which are suitable for your epic post. Afterward, select the best and start promoting the content.

Do you want more traffic to your content pages? See this SEO tool.

3.      Have a clear navigation

website menu bar

The first two ways explained above are the TAP ROOT SYSTEM for driving traffic to your website, through a single content.

Now you need to look into your navigation. Since you want more views for a single post or article, you’ll need to showcase it clearly; where people can easily find it.

If you have a blog, add the post page to your menu navigation bar. If the content appears on the same menu with your “home, about page, contact page etc.” it’d be deemed relevant and topmost by search engine spiders, and people alike.

Because the menu bar contains pages that form the foundation of a wordpress site. If you’re skilled at CSS, change the color of your menu, especially the “content page” that you want people to access easily. Use an attractive color like Red, Pink, Orange or Magenta to make it stand out.

The instant you’re able to differentiate that “single” post page from your home, about page and other pages, the more pageviews, and conversions you’d get.


4.      Connect with power users   seth-godin-power-user

Power users are individual bloggers; internet and content marketers who have build strong engagement with their blogs.

You already know because they’re the ones who make six to seven figures annually.

If you’re convinced that you’ve written an article, created a video or recorded a podcast that can benefit their audience, let them know about it. Don’t be a coward!

Don’t just ask power users to share or cite your content and send you free traffic.

It will never work like that. What you must do is recognize that these power users are busy, but very determined to add value to their communities. They need quality and epic content continually.

They might not have the required time to always research and write valuable content, that’s where your content come in.

Kindly highlight the benefits in the content you’re promoting. Ideally, interview power users and when you post the article, ask them to share it. You’ll drive more traffic to your single post.


5.      Enter the conversion

How do you get into the heat of conversion with your single post?

You know that your content is going to benefit majority of those in that conversation – but you don’t know how to get in front of them. The first thing to do is find out where this conversation is happening.

In other words, identify where your ideal customers and potential readers are hanging out day in and day out.

If you wait for them to come to you, it may never happen. Serious conversations are happening on Twitter, discussion boards and other niche targeted forums.

Introduce yourself as someone who really wants to help the community members in your own special way.

Don’t spam forums with your links & anchor texts, but be active and you’ll reap the rewards. Answer questions & threads that are related to ‘single’ content and refer readers to your URL.


6.      Captivate your audience

Who is your audience?

Well, they’re those people; blog readers and visitors who need what you’re selling, or the type of content you’ve written.

For instance, if your website is about printing and graphic designs, then your target audience will be those who want to print books, business cards, customize materials and authors.

For me, my target audience is anyone who runs a website and wants to drive more targeted traffic, build a loyal audience and sell their products without hype or B.S. And that’s the true essence of content marketing.

Using basic persuasion techniques to lead potential buyers down the sales funnel and converting them. Now that you know who your audience is, it’s time to captivate them.

Find out what they need right now, either by asking them questions in your post, or going through the comments they left on your recent post.

Answer their questions clearly and position your share buttons where they can find it.

If the content interests them, they’d share it with other people and who knows, you might generate 100+ visitors from a single tweet. So, how do you build interest?


7.      Intensify their desire

Whose desire are you going to intensify? Bear in mind that engaging people is quite different from building the desire in them.

Most websites and blogs actually are engaging, but the readers most times don’t find the latest posts and articles persuasive enough.

I believe that copywriting has a lot to do in helping you build interest in the hearts of your target audience. When a prospective customer visits your website, he or she would have a lot of questions running through their minds and you must answer those questions.

“Why should I stay and read your post instead of your competitors’?

The problem with content marketing is that there are thousands of articles and blogs already. You’ll need to do an extra job to be able to stand out from the crowd. Give your target audience the strongest reason why they should stay a little longer in your website.

Ask thought-provoking questions and you’ll get a lot of response and tweets. These are social signals which Google and other search engines love.


8.      Become fresh in SERPs    

What do SERPs mean?

Before I answer that question, I need you to understand that search engine traffic is the most targeted form of traffic you can ever get.

Because when someone types and searches for a specific key phrase in Google, that person is already presold either through TV commercials, internet banners, word of mouth, twitter, PPC or media advertising.

The user who is searching for “market samurai” isn’t a total novice to this keyword software. And Google knows that their search database can only be useful if they showcase only relevant pages from a website.

So, SERPs is an acronym for search engine result pages. You see, 95% of the time, Google would only show the exact page that contains the keyword and information you’re searching for – not the homepage.

Google could only show the homepage if that’s the only page that’s index-able and SEO-friendly.

To drive more traffic to your single post, add more SEO juice to it. Use all-in-one-seo pack to add relevant Meta Tags: keywords and description.

It’s better to ask questions in your “description tag” so that when your page appears in Google, people would actually click it.

Build internal links to your “single” content and you’d increase your pageviews & traffic easily.


9.      Remove unnecessary steps

At this juncture, you need to remove unnecessary steps from your “single” post.

You want the right people to share, cite and help promote your content, don’t make it difficult. Minimize the number of out-going links on your post.

Because this is going to send your readers to other blogs, which you may not know the capacity of the owner; in terms of how skilled they’re in converting your referrals to ardent readers and customers.

There is nothing wrong with linking out, but don’t go overboard.

And if you must link out, ensure that the external page opens in a new window or tab. This way, your “single” post would still be read and shared.

But here’s the deal, when you ask people to click a link that you don’t own, there is every tendency that your own content will be abandoned.

You can’t ask them to visit your competitor’s website, and at the same time, ask for a tweet or Google+ share. It’s not going to work that way.

Eliminate all the obstacles that can stand on the way and help your target audience share your posts easily. You’ll generate more targeted traffic by being simple and flexible [tweet this].


10.  Use a twisted comment   twisted comment

You and I know that guest blogging is important.

In this blogging era where the competition is stiff, how do you get in front of your target audience easily.

Because most high-traffic blogs don’t accept guest posts again.

In fact, problogger no longer accepts guest articles from every blogger out there.

If you’re a new blogger, how are you going to survive in this world, where the criteria for getting published in a top blog is high and most times, you can’t reach it with your limited knowledge.


Drive traffic with twisted comments

I’ve discovered a powerful method. It’s called, “twisted comment.” I’m sure you haven’t heard about it before, right? Anyways, it’s simple and could produce 50 – 100 visitors a day for you.

First, identify the blog where you “would” have loved to guest blog. Now let’s agree that you can’t get published there for any reason – what else can you do.

Subscribe to their email list so that you can get updates on new posts. Personally, I’ve subscribed to 3 top blogs and they’re all sending me free traffic daily, through my ‘twisted’ comments.’

After subscribing, you’ll get notified each time a new post is published.

Now, quickly visit the blog, read through the content and make sure you understand what the author is trying to say. Please read the content twice, because it vital that you get the gist.

Don’t strive to be the first commenter, it doesn’t matter when you’re using my “twisted comment” strategy to drive high traffic. But if you’re the first, that would be better.

Now, go ahead, leave a comment that’s lengthy. I mean, your comment should be 200 – 300 words, but this time, tailor it to what the author have written in his post.

Ask questions, share your insights and even share a short story. Remember, the blog in question is high-traffic, but doesn’t accept guest post from strangers. But now, you’ve your guest post, but in a different way.

Make your comment stand out 

stand out in the crowd

Image Source: reliablepayroll

The goal is to make your comment better than every other comment in the list.

Even if your comment appears on the 10 or 50th position, if it’s lengthy (200 words +) and valuable, you’re going to create a strong buzz around your comment and increase your click-through rates.

Remember, you want more targeted traffic to a particular content on your blog. In your comment, use an anchor text that’s relevant to the topic of the post and link to your content URL.

If you can use “twisted comment” on 3 high-traffic blogs, you’ll not only drive 1000+ visitors to your SINGLE post and website weekly, but also, build strong backlinks to your pages.


What else can you do?

If you follow these 10 ways, you can rest assured that within 30 days, the traffic coming to your website through that single post would increase.

When I used this method in 2012, I generated 2062 readers in 3 days and 372 joined my email list. But for this to work, your content must be above the par. It must be epic and keep the reader awake at midnight.


A word of caution: This post didn’t teach you how to drive free traffic to your website per se, but how to promote a single content on your blog and increase its views and engagement.

Do you ever get plan your content before writing it, in other to ensure it drives traffic for you? Please leave a “twisted comment” below and you’ll gain more traffic. You’re Awesome!

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    I do have a question though. Isn’t starting with only one social media channel to little? I mean, it will be easier to provide your followers with better-quality content, but running a couple more channel won’t make it much harder. Plus it enables you to work with somewhat bigger audience from the very beginning.
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  2. Hi Michael,

    Your post really helped me to understand the Top 10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to a “SINGLE” Content It has great details and yet it is easy to understand. That’s what I was looking for. I will definitely share it with others.

      • Yeah dude!!! Agree with all your points
        Some types of content are naturally more shareable than others. For example, infographics, in-depth tutorials, embeddable images and widgets, research reports, videos, and ebooks are all easily shareable. People like visual stimuli, so images are important to give your blog content a chance to be shared and linked to again and again.

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    You’ve said… “In your comment, use an anchor text that’s relevant to the topic of the post and link to your content URL”…

    Could you give us/me an example of how are you doing that? As we both know some bloggers aren’t accepting links within their comments (particularly if they’re personal or self-promotional), not to mention anchor text. It’s the first time I’m hearing such.

    How can one enter anchor text in a commenting form, is there a code or something? I now see your form has HTML tags and attributes, but not all have. Or, am I just unaware of it?

    I cannot wait to hear what you have to say, as I find your approach challenging and exciting at the same time… best!
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