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5 Ways To Fix Bad Content Marketing

How can you tell if your content marketing approach is working?    fix bad content marketing

It should connect with prospects and convert them into buyers; otherwise, it’s a failure!

Oftentimes, bloggers and content marketers get carried away into an unknown territory where they assume that things would eventually turn out right.

But the truth is that they’re not doing what is takes to bring success.

It doesn’t really matter who visits your blog or how many targeted visitors stumbled at you this month, you’ve got to learn how to convert them.

That’s the essence of getting into this University – content marketing.

In order to prevent failures from happening, it’s important to know the leading causes of content marketing death.  They are:


1.    Content That’s Overloaded with Buzzwords and Too Much Marketing Hype

If you’re trying too hard to show you’re “in the know” by dropping the latest hot new words into your content, you can get sidetracked from your goal, which is to provide useful information to your audience.

Action Steps to Avoid This:

  • - Quit Selling

Keep in mind that your audience can sniff out an ad from miles away, and take the promotion out of your content.

  • - Whip Out the Red Pen

Be your own editor and get rid of every buzz phrase.

  • - Take a cue from Hemingway

Be concise.  Use simple words and ordinary language rather than fluffy, flowery prose.

  • - Write with Active Tense

Rather than using a complicated form of sentence structure, write plain, straightforward sentences with a subject, verb, and object.


2.    Content That’s Too Dependent and Biased

Keep in mind that the audience you’re writing for is probably just as smart as you are.  Consumers want information, and the stats are there to prove it.  According to Nielsen, 68% of consumers trust consumer opinions posted on the internet.

Action Steps to Avoid This:

  • - Provide Original Research

This should be high-quality content that comes from a trusted third party.  Don’t use questions that show favoritism towards your product.  On slideshare, Altimeter does an excellent job of this.

  • - Take Advantage of Other People’s Platforms

Develop content for third party media sites and blogs.  It would also be a kind gesture to support the content creation of other people by giving examples and quotes.  You can use a great free resource called Help a Reporter Out to do this.


3.    Content That’s Too Generic to work

Fill-in-the-blank content is boring, bland, and totally worthless.  How can you tell if your content isn’t specific enough?  If you can substitute another brand or product for what’s mentioned in your content, then you need to be more specific.

After all, specific details are what will help your potential customer with their decision to make a purchase.

Action Steps to Avoid This:

  • - Answer Questions From Your Customers

Get insight into the questions your customers are asking and provide the answers.  Although this strategy might seem like a common sense approach, it’s proven to be so effective that it’s been called “the secret sauce.”

  • - Demonstrate How Your Product is Used

Provide a mini-tutorial to put your product in context for your prospects.  You choose from a variety of mediums to do this, whether it’s through blog posts, presentations, or e-books.

  • - Develop Visual Content

People can consume visual content much quicker than they could otherwise, and visuals give you a specific way to showcase your product in action.


4.    Aiming Too Low

You found a website that accepts guest posts from anyone, so it should be the perfect place to submit a guest post, right?  Not so fast.  When you post your content on “spammy” sites, you lower your credibility.

What’s more:  having your site linked to one of these sites could even lower your search rankings!

Action Steps to Avoid This: 

  • - Do Your Homework

Research websites ahead of time to come up with a list of contenders for your content.

  • - Post Selectively

Remember that the websites you choose to post on will ultimately be a reflection of you.  Publish your content in places where you would be proud to see it.


5.    Failing to Acknowledge Bloggers and Influencers

If you don’t acknowledge bloggers and influencers, not only will you end up looking bad, but your content will also lose its effectiveness.

This means that you shouldn’t do things like badger bloggers with a generic form letter you’ve written asking them to host your guest post without even acknowledging the bloggers by name in your letter.

It also means you shouldn’t forget to check the blog post after it goes live and ignore comments from readers.

Action Steps to Avoid This:

  • - Be Responsible

If you want to submit a guest post for someone’s blog, show some courtesy by referring to them by name in your letter.  After submitting, you should also check back for edits if necessary.

  • - Be Responsive

Show readers you care by reading their comments and responding to them.

This makes your audience more likely to read your posts in the future because they’ll know that you value their input, and it also makes them more likely to favor your brand over another one.

For instance, if you do marketing for school bus sales, and you respond to comments you receive on a post you’ve written, readers and consumers will be more inclined to go with your company when making a purchase.


When to start fixing bad content marketing…


Yes, right now. The marketing strategies that you use can either make or break your content.

By making smart decisions about what you post and where you post it, you can avoid the mistakes listed above and instead get the results you want. It’s time to say goodbye to content marketing killers, and hello to content marketing that kills the competition.

Have you experienced any success after fixing a low-quality content or updated a social media profile or started doing guest blogging the right way? Please share your short story below. You’re Awesome!

Michelle is a blogger who currently freelances for a company promoting school bus sales. She has a passion for the Internet, specifically social media and blogging. She loves how social media connects people across the globe, and appreciates that blogging gives her the opportunity to voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience. Follow her on Google+.

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