Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – 7 Reasons Why 87% Don’t Make Money

Yes it’s true.     content marketing dollar

Affiliate marketing is a reliable way for content marketers to make extra income online.

And it might surprise you to know that most super affiliates have poor blogging sense?

In other words, the people who succeed in the affiliate business might miss it in blogging.

But there is a reason why it’s happening and in this post, I want to highlight the seven major reasons.

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’d want to increase your income, build a better business and join the league of the internet’s millionaires.

Case Study: How Content Marketing Almost Crippled My Business!

You can’t imagine what this post is about!   content marketing study

But it’s important that you stop whatever you’re doing right now and read through this page.

Content marketing is the buzzword right now, but it almost crippled my business.

As a matter of fact, my fans and family call me a content marketer, because I believed in it. And I still do.

I’ve never written a controversial article ever since I started this blog.

Maybe this one is going to change the way you do your blogging and content writing. I want to begin by asking a question:

15 Easy Content Creation Ideas To Combat Writers’ Block

Do you struggle with writers’ block?   


Creating blog content may see like child’s work to anyone who has never written professionally.

Working under the pressure to create meaningful, interesting, original and unique content every few days might not be easy.

But it is achievable!

Because you’ve to remember that it has to meet the requirements of the theme of your blog.

And the expectations of your audience and critics and the dreaded keywords that you need to weave into them can be a real inspiration killer.

How To Sell: 9 Strategies For Selling Any Product Online

How do you sell a product online?   how-to-sell

In order to get you charged up for this post, I want to clarify a fact here.

Because many people online think that SELLING is EVIL, but these same people shop every now and then offline.

The important thing to remember about content marketing is that YOU must sell a product, if you ever want to make money online. Period!

How would you see a blogger who always complain that he or she isn’t making any money online – and you discovered he didn’t monetize properly. Or, he didn’t even monetize at all.

Top 10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to a “SINGLE” Content

If you want more traffic and pageviews, read on…  drive more traffic

Did you ever feel discouraged that your latest post didn’t receive thousands of reads from real people?

Please consider this formula:

Quality traffic + valuable product = online success.

From the formula above, you need to understand that no other factor is as important as driving targeted traffic to your content & website.

Most of the time, the ultimate problem that website owners face isn’t lack of quality content, but their inability to reach the right audience at the appropriate time.

How To Pick High-Traffic Keywords Like I Did!

So you need high-traffic on your website?    pick high-traffic keywords

Well, there is no magic secret to driving traffic to any website.

The rule of thumb is to carefully pick your keywords, optimize properly and have rich content to back it up.

If you’ve been following my niche site challenge which I started on the 12th of February, 2013 – then dominating Google search engine wouldn’t be much of a hassle for you anymore.

If I succeeded in ranking 3 niches sites in Google first page within 30 days, you too can. Or what do you say?