Blog Copywriting Guide: 6 Tips To Get You Started Fast (Can You Handle It)?

It’s time to persuade with ‘blog copywriting.’  Blog Copywriting brain

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that you want your blog to grow.

I could feel the pain in your heart, as you watch your traffic & online income go down, rather than going up and forward.

You sure had a different goal when you launched your blog sometime ago.

The best goal ever. Am I right?

Now hear this: if your blog isn’t growing in terms of real-time traffic, an active community and money-wise, there is just ONE problem. Hmm, just 1.


Content Marketing Insider: Martin Luther King Jr. Revealed It!

Ben Bunch was a musician and a best friend to Martin LKJ.    martin luther kind junior

The evening before Martin LKJ died; he called his musician friend to play him, “Take my hand, precious lord.”

That song is prophetic and marked the beginning of a revolution for Blacks and Americans as a whole.

It also swept across the world when he gave his epic speech, “I have a Dream!”

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the ugly story that happened between Rosa Parks, when he blatantly refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Bus.

Finally, The Ultimate Niche Domination Guide!

You’re in business to make money. Aren’t you?   niche domination guide

Well, well, not so fast.

There are things you MUST do to activate your online business – only then can you boast of being the BOSS.

Sorry bossy!

Last week, I wrote a blog post on niche marketing, and it was a huge success.

Not according to Yahoo News, but according to my core metrics.

I mean, I reached my ideal customers, added 85 real persons to my email list.

I also made some few hundred dollars from that ‘particular’ article.

10 Reasons Why Content Marketers Need To Think About Mobile

Do you’ve a mobile phone?    mobile content marketing

Call me crazy for asking such a funny and archaic question.

Even my 2-year old cousin has a mobile phone.

Since it’s obvious that every one of your ideal customer has a phone as well, why not target mobile users?

Content marketing is all about diversifying your promotional tactics, until you pinpoint the best system that’s suitable for your business.

The hard truth is this: Inasmuch as the internet has grown to dominate the way we communicate, not everyone of your target audience has an internet connection. Do you believe this?