10 Reasons Why Content Marketers Need To Think About Mobile

Do you’ve a mobile phone?    mobile content marketing

Call me crazy for asking such a funny and archaic question.

Even my 2-year old cousin has a mobile phone.

Since it’s obvious that every one of your ideal customer has a phone as well, why not target mobile users?

Content marketing is all about diversifying your promotional tactics, until you pinpoint the best system that’s suitable for your business.

The hard truth is this: Inasmuch as the internet has grown to dominate the way we communicate, not everyone of your target audience has an internet connection. Do you believe this?

Niche Marketing Guide: How I Used SEO To Increase My Blog’s Traffic By 72%

In August, 2012, the daily traffic to this blog was 430 – 513!  niche marketing guide

I was looking for ways to increase the traffic; because that’s the only way I can succeed with my blog.

While I thought hard on this, I caught an idea.

What if I focus on SEO and set a target for myself, would it make any difference?

You see, when you’re so concerned about achieving a significant goal, no force can stop you except YOU.

The earlier you realize this, the better for you.

I used to give excuses; pushing responsibility on other people. Do you still do that?

3-Different Forms of Content, Different Forms of Marketing!

What type of web content do you create more often?   types of content

Most small business owners and bloggers only have one definition for content – articles!

But the truth is, there are many different forms of content on the Internet, and yes, text is one of them.

Would you consider your podcast to be content?

What about that instructional video you have on your website?

Both of them are, and because each of the different forms of content is different, there should be a different marketing strategy (on a small scale.

5 + 2 Keys To Unlock And Make Money With Your Blog This 2013

money making keys

Photo source: richard

If only you had the keys earlier in 2012, you’d have made more money blogging!

But it’s never too late to take the right steps. Or is it?

Blogging is a wonderful model you can take advantage of.

From B2B to B2C, the impact that a well-structured blog can have on your business is priceless.

More so, reaching out to the right audience, without pushing sales down their neck is the best way to boost your profit.

The seven keys you’ll need to start making money online with your blog this New Year are: