Hack Free Quality Traffic From Google Quickly

It’s finally out – the content marketer’s traffic case study.    hack free traffic

If you’re looking for the best way to drive real-time traffic, you’ll love this post.

I’m not trying to hone my SEO competence here, but when it comes to getting organic traffic, I know how to do it. Period!

Content marketing is the buzzword right now – but it’s not a new term.

Some call it inbound marketing, while other people prefer to call it relationship marketing.

The name you call it doesn’t matter. Using it to get result is the most important thing.

Productivity Guide: The “ONE” Powerful Step To Grow Your Blog Fast (I Challenge You)!

How can I become a productive content marketer?     productivity guide

When you’re surrounded by loving people, life can be so sweet and fulfilling.

But to accomplish tangible results in business as a content marketer, there is one step you MUST take.

I haven’t shared this productivity “secret” with any of my readers, not even my subscribers.

But it’s so powerful that if you can act on it, you’ll not only drive targeted traffic to your blog, but also start making money from the services and products you offer.

See, I’ve read about 5 books on productivity in 2012.

Blog Copywriting Guide: 6 Tips To Get You Started Fast (Can You Handle It)?

It’s time to persuade with ‘blog copywriting.’  Blog Copywriting brain

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that you want your blog to grow.

I could feel the pain in your heart, as you watch your traffic & online income go down, rather than going up and forward.

You sure had a different goal when you launched your blog sometime ago.

The best goal ever. Am I right?

Now hear this: if your blog isn’t growing in terms of real-time traffic, an active community and money-wise, there is just ONE problem. Hmm, just 1.


Content Marketing Insider: Martin Luther King Jr. Revealed It!

Ben Bunch was a musician and a best friend to Martin LKJ.    martin luther kind junior

The evening before Martin LKJ died; he called his musician friend to play him, “Take my hand, precious lord.”

That song is prophetic and marked the beginning of a revolution for Blacks and Americans as a whole.

It also swept across the world when he gave his epic speech, “I have a Dream!”

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the ugly story that happened between Rosa Parks, when he blatantly refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Bus.