How To Rank Your Content Pages In Google Fast

Did I just say fast?   dominate-Google-Fast

Well, “fast” may have several meanings to a lot of us, because of our perspectives and experiences online. Correct?

But I’m not saying you can dominate Google first page ‘like’ today.

All I’m saying is that you can optimize your content according to what Google wants and within 30 days, which is pretty fast, your rich content pages could rank higher.

How possible is that?

Last week, I did a post on “SEO Strategy.”

It was a kind of overview of how I built 3 niches sites and within 10 days, I was able to rank the pages higher in Google.

SEO Strategy: My New Niche Sites Ranked In Google After 10 Days

Is it possible to rank a new niche site in 10 days?   how to rank new sites

To be precise, on the 12th of February 2013, I finally took a bold step to build passive income streams through niche sites marketing.

I’ve been postponing it, but I felt it was time to break out and start making real money online.

I quickly loaded my credit card, went straight to Hostgator and purchased a reseller web hosting package for 1 year.

I just discovered it’s called “Aluminum,” which has Disc Space of 50 GB, The Bandwidth is 500 GB.

How To Be The “Smart Content Marketer” And Smile To The Bank

Content marketing smile

Flickr Source: eelssej

Well, I may not know what you’re doing right now with your content marketing career, but one truth is sure – you truly want to make a BIG difference; make money. Correct?

How possible is that? I’ve come to realize that content marketing all by itself can burn you out if you are not smart.

I’ll explain, read on…

You may not perform some magic arts to be addressed as a smart person, but when you challenge yourself to finally break out of the nightmares and begin to smile to the bank – that’s the point.

Looking For Guest Post Ideas? Easy Ways To Get Them

Are you looking for guest post ideas? If yes, this post is for you…

guest post ideas

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When writing a guest post as a blog or website owner, you get to face a lot of considerations.

How to find guest post prospects, checking the blog host’s Domain Authority and Page Rank, writing an enticing outreach email, etc.

And as if this is not enough to start turning guest posting into a nightmare, you face the dilemma of coming up with a great guest post idea.

For some bloggers, this deed even comprises most of the challenge in guest blogging.