Who Else Wants To Write A Quality Blog Post In 15 Minutes?

In this article, I talk about how to write a quality blog post in 15 minutes.

Can you guess what happened to me last two days ago?   write a blog post 15 minutes

I got a new job – No, I don’t need that!

I got a new client – Hmm, NO, I’m still in the process of finalizing. But that’s not what happened!

I built a new blog – No, I don’t have plans for that yet.

So, what exactly happened that changed the way I run my content writing blog?

9 Cool SEO “Secrets” To Help You Drive Free Targeted Traffic Fast

Without targeted traffic, you WILL fail online!      seo secrets

Do you feel happy when you see or hear the word “SEO?”

Or do you run away, worried about Panda or Penguin slap?

What does it really take to attract organic traffic from Google and other search engines?

Do you think it’s difficult to optimize your blog pages and content?

This is one of the questions, which my tribe (email subscribers) asked me to address.

And I’m happy to write this post today. Are you ready to read it…?

Guest Post + Reply To Comments = Success

This guest post is by Jordan Mendys    blog comments

Do you want web traffic, easily?

For some bloggers, the best way to gain traffic and exposure to their blog is by guest posting.

Guest posts are great ways to link back to your site or blog, and in turn increasing traffic and SEO for your site.

There are, however, some rules to guest posting that should be followed in order to optimize your efforts.

One of the most important and most asked about, is to respond to comments that other users put on your articles.

10 YouTube Tutorials to Learn WordPress in 48 Hours

WordPress is much more than a blog hosting site.   10-Youtube-wordpress-tutorials

Whether you’re a content writer, a search engine firm or simply want to share your passion, WordPress is right for you.

The content management system (CMS) is a quick and easy way to build not only a blog, but an entire website.

With little or no development and design know-how, you can craft a working site for your business.

But when you first sign up to the site it might look pretty daunting.

With a complex-looking dashboard and whole host of options, how can blogging beginners find their way around WordPress?