10 Quick Tips To Stand Out As A Writer And Make Money

I got my first client on the 21st of August, 2011.     how to stand out

I still remembered the joy of negotiating a writing project with a stranger who happens to be my best client today.

Back in the day, I didn’t even know that writers can make a living with their skills. But I know better now.

Looking back, I think I’ve failed 5 times as an internet marketer.

Blogging was my saving grace. And becoming a freelance writer was the best thing that has happened to me.

Today, thousands of people have heard that freelance writing is a great way to make extra income.

The 3 Ultimate Secrets Every Content Marketer Must Know

I love content marketing, do you love it?      Content marketing secrets

If you’ve ever written articles online, then this post is for you.

Most of us don’t still get it.

With all the news flying around the web, there are only 3 secrets that can change the way you run your blog and bring you fulfillment.

It can transform the way you relate with potential customers, too.

It can set you in motion, so that you can quit complaining and become a problem solver.

One Powerful Way To Double Your Blog’s Traffic Overnight

Web traffic is the bedrock of your online business.

increase blog traffic

If you spend quality time driving targeted traffic to your blog, and building a mailing list, you’ll definitely succeed.

But you don’t actually need to implement all the traffic generation strategies available to you.

You just need to lay your hands on evergreen traffic strategy.

You can work really hard at the outset to get the traffic ball rolling.

Afterward, you let the machine grow your blog on steroids. You’ve to know that not all traffic sources are created equal.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Content Don’t Attract Repeat Readers {Fix It Now}!

Do you attract repeat readers?   attract repeat readers

Blogging has become a nightmare for some people.

Everyone is starting a blog, because they thought it’s the easy way to reach a new audience and maybe, make some money.

Sure, the joy is there, but it seems your readers just appear and run away like a scared Penguin.

You struggled so hard to get people talking, but what did you get? Nothing…!

I’ve been able to study my audience. This post is going to clear the stumps off your way.

Pause whatever you’re doing right now and read this.