6 Ways To Manage Risk While Choosing a Website Development Provider

So you have decided to venture into the online field and have finalized plans for creating a website or a blog? web_development_service_provider

Now you need to choose a website provider. I will provide some tips below which should be kept in mind while selecting a developer for your maiden online venture.

This would ensure that you do not get burnt at the hosting.

Some important points to be kept in mind include:


1.     Nature of Contract

The industry mostly works on two contract formats – Time and Material or Fixed Price Contracts. In the Time and Material version, the developer is paid on an hourly basis.

Web Page Speed and Impact on SEO

What’s the impact of web page speed on SEO?

web page speed

Sometime two years back in the month of April, Google tried to transcend it’s obsession for speed to those who use the internet.


In simple words, they made the formal announcement that web page speed would henceforth affect Google rankings for your website.


Aren’t we fans of Google search because it presents all possible search results in a matter of seconds, as less as 0.25 seconds or 0.39 seconds?


Why PHP technology is the best for shopping cart development

E-commerce is booming these days and the PHP technology appears to be playing a crucial role in it.  PHP-shopping-cart

Online shopping carts prove to be a blessing for small business, where they can effectively compete without having to feel over-shadowed by the big firms.

The PHP technology undergoes constant evolution, where new trends hit the market frequently.

It only gets better with time to make your online development needs easy, making it favorable compared to the other scripting languages also.

Here are several reasons as to why PHP can be seen as the best choice for shopping cart development.

5 Fabulous Secrets You Should Know About Link Building

Building links to a website or blog has become a significant criteria in search engine ranking.link building

It’s so vital that you begin to take it seriously. When link building is done correctly, the results usually speak for itself.

Google’s top 10 ranking is not for new sites, although, I’ve seen recently launched blogs outrank aged websites.

But link building plays a definite role in ensuring you succeed with search engine optimization.


But building links that is search engine friendly, takes creativity and skill.

The Physics Of Attracting Responsive Traffic

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Want some serious web traffic?web traffic physics

If only you knew the importance of web traffic, you would’ve channeled your entire web activities on it.

One of the biggest challenges which a newly designed website has to face is about attracting consistent traffic. The older ones, unless they plan for rejuvenation, already have their set of regular visitors who remain loyal to them.

However, it is for those who have just begun to venture in the virtual arena that finding a strong foothold in terms of web traffic becomes difficult.

5 Rules Of Viral Marketing When Using Promotional Products

No business can survive unless it markets itself effectively.viral marketing

No matter how great your product, you can’t hope to succeed without promoting it.

Unless you reach out to your target audience, you cannot hope to generate substantial profits.

The success of your business depends upon the success of your marketing strategy. Every marketing activity must translate into sales otherwise it is a complete waste of resources.

The use of promotional products is of paramount importance for creating brand awareness and increasing sales volume.

Distributing promotional products helps increase the customer base and build long term relationships. Learn to do this effectively to earn the trust of your consumers.