6 Lies About Guest Posting That’s Killing Bloggers’ Creativity

What? – Guest posting lies!        Guest posting lies

The best advice I’ve ever received as a blogger is this, “write guest posts to promote your blog.”

Get ready because I’m going to blow your mind here. I’ve been quiet for a long time and I guess I’ve to speak out.

When I started my blog, I didn’t know much about writing for other blogs.

But when I discovered the potentials of guest posting, I immersed myself 100% into it.

And I must say the journey has been fantastic. I’ve met influential industry leaders as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a great feeling of success.

Content Marketing 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Attract Blog Readers And Profit

Content Marketing 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Attract Blog Readers And Profit

Finally, the ultimate content marketing guide for internet marketers.     

Do you run a blog or corporate website?

Or could it be an e-commerce site?

Content marketing can transform your small and mid-sized businesses for BIGGER market profits.

Content marketing 101 will show you how to create and share valuable content, which your target audience needs to trust you.

I’ll be sharing some powerful tips and strategies that we’ve used over the years to increase blog readership, comments, income and responsive subscribers.

5 Link Building Strategies To Boost Page Rank And Web Traffic

This guest post is by MacGregor    

You need quality links to improve your SE ranking.     link building strategies

Google’s updates always throw a wrench in the lives of search engine marketers (SEMs) and search engine optimizers (SEOs) with updates like penguin.

As a Vancouver SEO Consultant, I can really relate to this with the recent updates.

However, you can still do a lot with link development to increase your search engine rankings or your client’s search engine rankings in this post penguin world we’re now living in.

Referral Traffic Strategy – Get Over 1,000 Blog Readers From Authority Sites

For real, you need targeted traffic to build a successful blog.   referrals

But it’s easier said than done.

It takes hard work and a strategy to get lots of blog readers who will appreciate your efforts and buy whatever you’re selling.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm and I can imagine what they’ve in mind next time.

Resourceful and quality blogs were penalized, do you know that?

So, it’s not a question of whether your blog is good or informative, but what does Google team think?