10 Smartest Lessons From Writing 531 Quality Guest Posts In 12 Months

Yes, I’ve written and published a total of 531 guest posts in 12 months.  10 guest posting lessons

Guest posting has transformed my freelance writing business and this blog.

I feel so refreshed with this achievement. My goal was to publish 300 articles in 12 months, but I surpassed it with over 200%.

I started my blog in July, 2011. Prior to this time, I was using the initial domain name for the website (blast4trafficnow.net) as an affiliate squeeze page.

The only role was to capture email addresses from targeted buyers in exchange for a short report; about 12 pages.

10 Smart Ways To Recover Your Blog From Google Panda Update [Penalty]

Google Panda penalty is the worst gift from the almighty G.  Google-Panda-Update June 8

On June 8, 2012, another weird Panda went out to penalize websites that didn’t meet up to Google’s expectations.

And this kept me wondering, what is the next exit, since Google is the best traffic source ever. At least for now…

Reading piles of articles just to get your websites/blog’s search engine placement back won’t help.

I want to show you the 10 smart ways to quickly fix it.

7 Useful Call-To-Action Tactics That Can Grow Your Income by 108%

grow your income

Are you ready to grow your income by 108%?

Certainly, you want to profit from blog readers and prospects who visit your website/blog on a daily basis.

Money is a strong motivator – don’t you think so?

It doesn’t matter how passionate you’re, there are times in your life when turning profit becomes a necessity.

Most of the time, we miss great opportunities available to us – people wants to buy what we’re selling, but they need a nudge!

If you’re like most marketers, the only strategy you use to persuade is hype.

10 Ways ‘CONFIDENCE’ Makes You A Better Content Writer

Confidence is the most powerful virtue a writer possesses.

confident Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

If your confidence is high, nothing will be impossible for you to achieve.

Writing to engage target audience and generate income isn’t for the timid, neither is it for the mediocre or those who have inferiority complex.

A lot of people think that ranking on Google first page is all they need to build a profitable website or blog, but that’s not true.

What you need more than anything else is CONFIDENCE.