Google Egg Basket: Don’t Put All Your Traffic Eggs In There

Are you one of those who trust Google to deliver free targeted traffic your way?

Well, that decision was fantastic a few years back. Today, you need to start strategizing on how to move your business forward. If you’re a blogger or whatever your calling may be, there is no stagnant position for you.

Search engine organic traffic is really great and everyone desires a slice of it. But who can predict Google and their weird panda?

3 Fresh Ideas To Make Your Blog Posts Rock

Need fresh ideas for your blog posts?

Blogging is a wonderful experience, but sometimes, we go blank; no idea at all! I have never seen any business venture as great as owning a live blog.

The real issue is giving your readers the right content. When I say content, I mean the right posts in the format of articles.

People do not come to your blog because you have a decent theme or the advertisement on your sidebar. They are desperate for quality information and you need to satisfy this urge if you must break even.

Google Fresh Updates: What You Need To Know To Rank Highly On Google

Google has thrown her fresh updates to the public!

Google’s latest update—which is being referred to as Google Fresh, has inspired a flurry of speculation and prognostication in the SEO community at large.  This is to be expected, and is actually part of the normal state of affairs in the industry.

It’s only been nine-months since the Panda Update turned the world upside down for content farmers and spam slingers.  In the past nine months it’s been necessary to beef up on great quality original content to stay ahead of the game and create a base upon which to build-up and achieve rankings.

Want To Increase Your Traffic? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Whatever you do online, you know that traffic is the key.

I mean the ultimate key that opens the door to income. If I were you, I would concentrate much of my energy, experience and college skills to getting traffic.

When it comes free, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. However, to increase your traffic, you need to think and act outside the box.

I personally believe in free traffic as the best way to grow your email list, RSS feed, gain fresh blog readers, and make sales. Contrary to what you already know, there is no magic or secret code to getting targeted traffic.

PPC Vs SEO: The Multiplier Effect

The complementary nature of PPC and SEO has been known for some time, but few seem to go beyond the basics in explaining the benefits and mechanics of running both concurrently.

Still, many seem to mistakenly believe that PPC and organic search are mutually exclusive, competing elements of a company’s online marketing efforts.

A holistic marketing plan will always include both PPC and SEO, as well as some email marketing, social media, and some other promotional levers besides.

Whereas email marketing software may allow some savvy clients to run their own email marketing campaigns, SEO and PPC are usually best handled by specialist contractors.

Google Hides Search-Queries From Analytics!

What’s up with Google and search-queries?

On October 18, Google announced on their blog that they would be rolling out a new change that would effectively encrypt search query data in order to make search safer.


Unfortunately for them, nobody’s buying it.


Google has long been an advocate for secure Internet, having offered Gmail users the option to elect for the HTTPS (S for secure) version of the site and for its other web applications.


Now, the company has decided to make that security setting the default and any search conducted while a user is logged into Gmail (read: all the time) will be hidden.