How To Win Over Google If You Hate Penguin Update!

This guest post is by Victor Solovey from Crazyxhtml  love Google penguin

Among the biggest love hate relationships I have had, the one with Google rates as the biggest.

One fine morning I get up and find that Google has done it again and my site has slipped down the ladder.

Obviously there can be no man more furious than me on this earth.

Some other glorious morning I get up to find my site occupying the heights of glory and I start loving Google all over again.

I especially love it when my competitor, who is known to use black hat techniques, gets the boot.

Why Content Marketing Is The Best Way To Reach Prospects Quickly

Is content marketing the best way to grow a business online?  content marketing attract prospects

Yes, it’s the BEST WAY!

Writing contents and distributing across the web is the best and most powerful weapon to reach your target audience, build responsive leads and generate staggering return on investments quickly.

Recently, Elance; an online job board for freelancers and job seekers conducted a research to determine the focus of small, mid-sized and multinational corporations in web marketing.

The Elance Global Online Employment Report for Q1 (first quarter) shows that content marketing is the key point.

Dominate Google First page, Quit Losing To Your Competition!

Are you ready to dominate Google first page?   dominate Google first page

You should if you’re not prepared for it. Getting ranked on Google first page can be a tedious task for most bloggers who don’t follow the simple advice that works.

Search engines were created to grow your business. They were created for you, not against you.

It’s only when we deviate from the set principles of efficient first page ranking that failure looms.

But all that can change today. You can dominate Google first page, and quit losing to your competition.

SEO Content Fuels Traffic, But Content Marketing Converts It

I’ll show you how to fuel traffic  and convert it in this post. Read quietly…  

Gone at the days when you can slap 500 words article on your blog and expect to rank well for target keywords.

You may think quality content is enough, but that’s just the first equation.

Going after conversion is the key.

Organic traffic, though targeted can be a waste if nothing is done to it. Search engine optimization is gradually moving towards a better engaged environment.

And getting people to take the next step reveals a level of engagement.