Top 7 Golden Rules of Freelance Writing That Makes You An Expert

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Are there rules for freelance writers?7 golden rules

Being a writer is not an easy way to make a living.

Unless you write a best seller, or develop your poetry to the point that you can go viral, you have to find another way to make money from your talent.

A lot of writers turn to freelance writing so that they can make enough money to further your more serious endeavors – you have to pay the bills after all.

Transform Your Blog Archive Into A Money Spinning Machine

Is your blog archive dead?Blog archive

If you ever happen to look at your site’s old blog posts, you might have wondered why you have wasted long and hours for producing these master pieces that worth nothing these days.

However, thing is not as bleak and dismal as they may appear. Unless the posts are not on the release of some video games or celebrity gossips, you can expect some good news these times.

Even more good news is waiting if your posts were on evergreen themes and in that case, you can turn your dusty blog archive section into a paid product.

7 Effective Strategies To Enhance Your Content Marketing Career

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Content marketing is hot right now!content marketing

Promoting a content marketing career online can be very different from attempting to do the same through hard, carbon copies.

The internet is more vibrant, more changing, and broader than most physical marketing opportunities that ever rear their heads.

Because of this, a specific approach should be taken to enhance online content marketing.

Groupon Now And Google Wallet Herald A New Era Of Mobile Advertising & SEO

Groupon Now, a spinoff of the popular Chicago-based deal-finding site, was announced in May and introduced to thegoogle over groupon wild shortly thereafter.


The service targets smartphone and tablet users with nearby, on-demand deals that can be purchased and used the same day.

In fact, many of them only last a few hours because they are designed to reach the (wo)man on the street, en media res, rather than the stoic homebody combing the net for deals on a 1999 Compaq.


Google has also turned its gaze to mobile users. The company controls 95% of mobile search and more than half of the smartphone market.

Four Tips to Help Manage Your Social Media Presence

How do you manage your social media presence?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media whiz or just a beginner– the ever-changing nature of the social web can be overwhelming to the brightest tech brains.

With Facebook’s new announcement of page subscriptions, Twitter‘s new redesign and brand pages, in addition to Google+ announcing a gmail integration, it is downright exhausting to manage your presence online.

Luckily, there are a few easy tips and programs that can help you stay on top of social media.

social media

Get Started With Brand Marketing – Can Guest Posting Help?

Brand marketing concept!brand marketing

Every marketing activity you get engaged in on the internet should be geared towards improving your brand.

If you’re creative, guest posting alone can help you dominate your marketing worlds and make you a success. The benefits of guest posting isn’t limited to driving targeted traffic, or building quality backlinks.

What about Getting known?

How do you raise your head up and get a standing ovation online? Believe me, it takes guts and plenty of advertising.

But thanks to this hot system. Guest posting can build your brand faster than Search Engine Marketing. Let’s consider it: