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Are You Experiencing Internet Marketing Failure?

Why do people fail at internet marketing?   internet marketing

My suggestion is that you go to YouTube and watch old re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show.

If you already think you are a failure, don’t try to build an online business, or any other kind of business for that matter.

You will not succeed because you are a failure. So-long, Friend!

If your thinking is the slightest bit different from above, then continue reading. There is hope for you yet.

Failure is one of those dirty words that people should not think about. But is this necessarily true?

The [Worst] SEO Advice That Kills Your Rankings

Let’s talk about the  worst SEO advice.   worst SEO advice

You may have been deceived all these while?    

Because the web is a virtual place, anybody can come up with an advice and throw it open for others to follow. How sad?

But in reality, these so-called SEOs have never seen success or ranked any keyword.

You’ve to be careful whose opinions you follow when you’re running a website or niche blog.

I’m confident that you’ve never read this kind of post before.

In fact, the idea I’m going to share with you might be unethical or strange.

10 SEO Copywriting Tactics – Get Free Traffic!

So you want to enjoy free website traffic?     SEO copywriting tactics

All you need is to embrace this term: “SEO copywriting.

Don’t be surprise when I tell you that generating traffic doesn’t have to be tedious or confusing.

In fact, a lot of so-called content marketers who doesn’t know how to go about it are writing and updating their blogs with mediocre content.

They still tell people to get traffic from forum, article marketing etc. Lol!

Truth is, the knowledge you need to generate free traffic from external sources is already in you.

How To Hijack 288 High Quality Backlinks Anytime

I couldn’t believe it, but it happened!    high quality backlinks

I was able to earn 288 quality backlinks from relevant websites in 3 months.

But I didn’t build the links myself. Isn’t it weird?

When I first checked my statistics, I thought the links came by accident. But I know better now.

There is no theory on this post. Every piece of advice here can be applied right away and you’ll see link results coming to your website and blog.

In case you’ve forgotten, in February 19th 2013, I took a pen and pad, wrote down a very “serious” goal that challenged my LIFE.

10 Reasons To Choose Website Marketing Today

Traditional Media is obviously very important with any business.      traditional marketing

Because a successful traditional marketing campaign would give them an edge over their competitors.

However, these days, traditional means of advertising such as television commercials are becoming more expensive.

This makes it very difficult or even almost impossible for the average business to afford.

It also proves to have barriers such as geographical regulations which make it hard to benefit from results.

Marketing with your website (content marketing) may be the right way to get targeted leads and increase in sales.

3 Benefits of Behavioral Targeting That Work

Do you want to get more leads and income?    behavioral targeting

You need to read this.

This is the first article I’d ever publish on behavioral targeting. Thanks to Ruben for making it good.

Behavioral targeting is a marketing technique that has been used online for quite some time now, used as a means to increase sales and consumer interactivity.

As the name suggests, behavioral targeting allows entrepreneurs to match their sales tactics to the observed purchasing behavior and internet activity of their prospect buyers.

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