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Good Links Are Good So What About Social Signals?

Are social signals good for SEO?     social signals SEO

You already might know the value that any high ranking SEO commands, but to figure out the ways on how to improve the site ranking can prove to be a learning experience.

No doubt, good links are relevant enough but one cannot ignore the relevance of social signals.

Before talking about the relevance of social signals, it is worthy to spare some efforts on understanding that, what exactly does a social signal mean?

Social Signal

Social signal means any kind or category of link from any of the social media sites to your website or blog. Speaking in specific terms, social signals usually mean +1s on Google+ retweets for Twitter and likes for Facebook.

Whenever someone shows a liking for your content, the signal flashes from your Facebook portal to the website with the link to your site appearing on the user’s Facebook feed. This will not only appear in case the user has altered his or her privacy settings.

Social signals can not only be considered good for one’s ego but also stand to benefit one’s brand and the SEO ranking of the website.

Why Are Social Signals Considered To Be Awesome?

This is considered to be a good sign whenever anyone shares your content. Some of the worthy reasons as to why social signals are relevant can be listed as

Exposure Increase

It can be considered as worthy sign for you, if anyone beyond your professional and personal circle promotes your endeavors.

Social signals are a unique way of business promotion as they cost one nothing but make a great sense for anyone deciding to pay a visit to your site.

Provide Evidence of Engaged Customers

It is a great feeling when one gets to know that your readers have been enjoying the content so much so as to promote it through their social media means.

It is a common perception that consumer who actively share the content promoted by you has genuine interest in the brand as they have been using their personal account to promote your website on their personal social network account, be it Facebook or Twitter.

Quality Indicator

Social signals are a great quality indicator. It might happen that some of your written content receives more likes and retweets than others.

This has a clear meaning that the content has come up to the liking of the readers. Thus quality indication becomes a reality with social signals.

Moreover, social signals act as a tool for free market research as they highlight the content which most of your readers prefer.

Increased Revenue and Traffic

This can be considered as an indirect benefit of social signals but it leads to greater brand reputation, giving one the opportunity of having more new customers and increased sales over a period of time.

Social Signals Do Influence Your SEO

The topic that if social signals influence the SEO is though debatable but one point is amply clear. Social signals do have a bearing on your blog. This is because of one reason that social signals do help build credibility.

Social signals act as an indicator point for new visitors as to how many people have already gone through the content or liked it.

Additionally, this also offers an insight into the fact that how many of those found the content worthy enough of sharing through Twitter. This helps build credibility among the viewers and they take one with serious earnest.

Apart from this, a second relatively distinct category of audience is also keeping a tab on you. These are various search engines and Google is the leader among them.

Various studies done so far have indicated that search engines as Google and Bing have given due consideration to social signals when it comes to rank the search engine. The reference of Google can be particularly highlighted in this reference.

Google is known to shower praises and rewards on sites that have a worthy number of social signals from readers.

Though most search engines will tell you on how many people have liked the Facebook page or have included you in their Google+ circles, but only Google can tell you if how many people have been able to share your content or the individual post.

Improving Your Social Signal Status

To get most of the benefit of the social signals, the business profile must be created on popular social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter. The social buttons should be added to the content so that the same can be shared with ease.

Take benefits of social signals by adopting the means highlighted above and go much beyond just having some good links for promoting your endeavour.

This Post is written by Alia. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, wordpress, Gamification, responsive design and software development etc. These days she contributes on

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