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Google Hides Search-Queries From Analytics!

What’s up with Google and search-queries?

On October 18, Google announced on their blog that they would be rolling out a new change that would effectively encrypt search query data in order to make search safer.


Unfortunately for them, nobody’s buying it.


Google has long been an advocate for secure Internet, having offered Gmail users the option to elect for the HTTPS (S for secure) version of the site and for its other web applications.


Now, the company has decided to make that security setting the default and any search conducted while a user is logged into Gmail (read: all the time) will be hidden.

Bounce Rate: How To Reduce Bounce Rate And Get More Targeted Traffic

Question: What is bounce rate?

Answer: Bounce rate is the amount of visitors who leave your website or blog, without viewing any other page.

That is, they stumbled on your homepage and then clicked away.

As a blogger, one of the things you must do daily is monitor and track your stats. By so doing, you would discover amazing insights into this issue.

In a nut shell, it’s better to have a bounce rate of 22% than 85%. I have been battling this issue since I started my blog few months ago. A decrease in bounce rate shows that you’re on the right track. Your content is amazing, engaging and your reader are eager to read more.

The Ultimate 7 Steps To Guest Posting – Guest Blogger’s Key

Guest posting has helped me in several ways.

I’m glad I discovered how to use this to my advantage and today, I want to reveal some shocking truths about guest posting.

There are 7 secrets that yields results. By results, I mean targeted traffic, quality backlinks and increase in pagerank.

So, in summary, guest posting helps you to:

  • - Get fresh targeted traffic
  • - Get quality backlinks easily
  • - Improve your Google Pagerank
  • - Increase Your RSS Subscribers
  • - Build your email list
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