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How Web Design Impacts Conversion Rate Optimization

Give your content marketing campaign a boost!    web design optimization

Web design has always been a big factor in whether a website is successful or not.

The reason behind this is because there are lots of different techniques that web designers use to grab the user’s attention or to lead their eyes to a specific area on a page.

You’ll also agree with me that a great looking website is much more trustworthy than a website that looks really bad.

So, you need to be serious about your design.

We are going to take a look at some ways you may be able to increase your conversion rate by using some simple web design methods.


Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons on your website calls a user to take action and click the button.

Whether it is to buy a product or just sign up for a newsletter, that button gives them the extra push they need to add right now. These have to be properly placed to be effective.

A good example would be if you have a blog and wanted people to subscribe, you would want to place the button at the end of the content, so that once the reader is finished, they have a very easy way to subscribe and the button reminds them to do so.

Placing a call to action somewhere where it won’t be found wouldn’t be useful, so make sure you are strategically placing them.


Landing Pages

A landing page is something that you create for people to land on when they click a link to a certain product or service.

If you plan to do a lot of online marketing, these pages can be extremely helpful. They will usually include everything they need to know about the product.

A full description, reviews & testimonials, refund policies, guarantees, how payments are accepted, FAQs, and anything else you think may be important to share.

All of these things have to be placed in a specific order to grab your viewer’s attention. If they are not interested within the first few seconds, they will most likely just end up leaving the page.


Allow User Reviews

Having reviews on your website about products and services can really help conversion rates. When the website is being designed, you should ensure that the layout will allow for reviews because if a visitor sees good reviews from other people, they will be much more willing to buy.

If you are worried about your products or services getting bad reviews, then you may not want to make them available.

You should also be aware that if your products are not quality, that could be an indication of why your conversion rates are lower than you would like them.

For those of us who trust and take pride in our products, should have no problem letting people provide their thoughts and opinions on our websites.



If someone that has certain disabilities can’t view your site, then how do you expect them to be converted into a sale? During the web design process it is important to make sure and make the site friendly to as many people as possible.

In a lot of countries it is now becoming a legal matter and websites are required to make their content accessible to people with all types of disabilities.

Regardless of legal status, you should definitely make the site more accessible and user friendly. The easier it is to use, the more comfortable people will be using the site.


Provide Piece of Mind

When someone is using a website they have never done business or interacted with before, they won’t automatically trust them.

It is our job to design the site in a way that make them trust us a fast as possible. So if you provide guarantees, return policies, use PayPal, and have done business with well-known brands, you should be letting them know.

As soon as possible, put their mind at ease about important issues that they might run into later.

Once they see that your website uses secure payment methods, has money back policies, and has done plenty of business before, they will be much more willing to do business with you. This method will dramatically increase your conversion rates.


Where do you start from?

Okay, now you know the importance of a good web design and how it affects conversion rate optimization.

It’s time to re-examine your own blog/website to see whether or not your navigation, links and layouts are well optimized for people first, then for search engines.

But before you leave this page, please answer this question: Whenever you visit a beautiful and easy-to-navigate blog, do you enjoy reading their content or you simply walk away?

Your comment would help me prepare my next post on engagement. You’re Awesome!

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